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IT Design & Deployment
  • Multi-platform / multi-vendor experiences
  • On demand architectural skills and experiences
  • Multiple device certifications

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Data Management
  • Hybrid model allows you to store data locally or in the cloud to fit your needs
  • On demand model lets you grow with scale
  • Specialized Data Management support

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IT Security Management
  • Hybrid on-demand model, wide range of services
  • Continuous security modes
  • Independent third party analysis and assessments
  • Specialized, certified staff

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IT Procurement
  • Experienced IT sourcing and purchase management
  • Leverage our volume discounts
  • An independent advisor
  • Trained and knowledgeable staff in multiple product areas

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Fractional IT Services

Root Cellar Technologies’ Fractional IT Services provide a cost-effective solution
to address all of your IT needs; without having to hire a full time in-house employee. More Information

With over a decade of experience, Root Cellar Technology has been a trusted name in mission critical data management. Our results are customer driven; therefore, we are always developing reliable, cost-effective solutions that deliver real business outcomes.

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