Fractional IT Resourcing

Let Root Cellar Technologies manage your IT requirements, at a cost lower than building the resources yourself, so that you can focus on growing your business.

Root Cellar Technologies’ Fractional IT Services provide a cost-effective solution to address all of your IT needs; without having to hire a full time in-house employee.

Fractional IT resourcing is geared towards small to medium size companies who can’t afford or don’t require a full time IT resource, or lack specialized skills to address the needs of data management, security, compliance, or other IT requirements.Trust in Root Cellar Technologies expert staff to help you to achieve all or just some of your IT needs.

You will receive outstanding IT resources by staff who will act seamlessly with your business, while avoiding the cost and overhead of attracting, retaining, training and managing IT personal. Our service is individually tailored to provide just the amount of service and support that you need.

Why hire your own IT personnel, when you can have access to our team of specialists for a fraction of the cost?  See what Root Cellar Technologies Fractional IT services can do for you.

Download Our Root Cellar Technologies Fractional IT Info Sheet