Your innovative IT Solutions Provider

Critical Data Management

  • Design Deploy, Manage mission critical IT infrastructures
  • Design and deploy mass storage solutions with disaster recovery and security at the heart  of the architecture

Fractional IT Resourcing

  • On site data management technician
  • Shared IT resource for preventative maintenance
  • Backup and restore health check to ensure our customers are doing the right things to protect their data.
  • General IT monitoring for customer services

Root Cellar Technology Cloud

  • We offer full cloud data management
  • Hybrid cloud management – On premises + cloud as your backup site
  • Monthly costs versus one time

Cyber Security

  • Managed security services that offers 24 x 7 support (Dell Secure Works)
  • Vulnerability Assessment for a one time audit to check to see where a companies security posture is at that point in time.
  • Security training for company employees to help prevent social engineering and to increase security awareness.

Root Cellar Technology delivers a unified backup and replication software solution for virtual, physical, PC and cloud environments.  We have a suite of backup solutions that range from flat file backup of your PC and server files, through to full disaster recovery snapshots which are stored in our cloud.