IT Security


  • Hybrid on-demand model, wide range of services
  • Continuous security modes
  • Independent third party analysis and assessments
  • Specialized, certified staff
Key Products
  • Managed Security Monitoring
  • VA and Penetration Tests
  • Application Security Service
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Incident Response
  • Compliance Reporting

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Security-as-a-Service:  Business Enabler

The age of cloud computing, virtualization, mobile technology and team-enabled SaaS is upon us and a new breed of rapid customer enhancing IT solutions has been ushered in by this technology.   Unfortunately, IT security issues have also exploded directly as a by-product of this progress.   Rapid deployment of new, customer enhancing IT capabilities is vital for any business to compete, yet how can we also address the increased security risks?

With the latest headline grabbing, high profile breaches against well-resourced organizations, clearly the status quo is not working.  Based on research done by the ESG group below, it would appear a fundamental issue is a lack of available accredited security skills.  In fact, 83% of those surveyed by ESG indicated recruiting information security professionals is “difficult to extremely difficult”.

Lack of Adequate Security Staff: 39%
Too Many False Positives: 35%
Too Many Manual Porcesses: 29%
Too Many Independent Tools: 29%
Events Too Hard to Detect: 28%
Lack of Security Analytical Skills: 28%

Even if skills were a non-issue, every organization would benefit from an independent and accredited partner that can apply security services on demand to assume some of the pressure and accountability as IT solutions ever expand.   According to Gartner, to obtain business velocity with security, all IT application solutions and infrastructure will reach a point where they need to be validated by a credible and highly skilled third party.

“By 2015, more than 70% of enterprises will require proof of SAST testing from their outsourcing, SaaS, cloud, and commercial software providers.”

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